Welcome to Insurance Information Bureau (IIB)

Insurance is a data-intensive industry where all management decisions including pricing ought to be data-driven. Greater the availability, granularity and quality of data, the more efficient would be the decision making for businesses as well as policymakers in the industry. Insurance Information Bureau of India (IIB) has thus been created to fill the need for a sector-level data repository and analytics which would empower stakeholders through provision of accurate, timely, reliable insurance data and analysis. The Bureau, over and above making data available, is also mandated with the responsibility of throwing insights on issues of strategic importance by generating reports through deployment of advanced analytics.

The Bureau which was formed through the executive order of Chairman, IRDA in October, 2009 was formally registered as a Society with Registrar of Societies, Government of Andhra Pradesh on 21st November, 2012. The Society is governed by a Governing Council with 20 members consisting of experts from insurance sector, IT and eminent Academicians and Management Experts and ex-officio members coming in from Life and General Insurance Councils, and members of IRDA.

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