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For efficient functioning of the insurance sector companies as well as for the protection of the interests of the policyholders, it is necessary that reliable, timely and accurate data is collected, processed and disseminated by an independent body.

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) being the regulator is having necessary access to the data related to insurance business in the country.

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Summary Figures drawn

Motor Insurance Data

Motor 2005-06
Motor 2006-07
Motor 2007-08
Motor 2008-09
Motor 2009-10
Motor 2010-11
Motor 2011-12
Motor 2012-13

Health Insurance Data

Health Macro Figures 2003-04 to 2005-06
Health 2007-08
Health 2007-08 (Additional Tables)
Health 2008-09
Health 2009-10
Health 2010-11
Health Insurance (Non-Life) Data Analysis Report 2011-12
Unique Hospital Id Master Ver.1.0

Other Lines of Bussiness Insurance Data

Fire 2011-12
Marine 2011-12
Engineering 2011-12

Life Insurance Data

Spread of Life Insurance Agents Report
TAC Tariffs TAC- Circulars TAC - Publications
Data Formats (Source: http://www.tac.org.in).
Sample Transaction Level Data - Motor Insurance.[updated]
Sample Transaction Level Data - Health Insurance.[updated]
Sample Transaction Level Data - Fire Insurance
Sample Transaction Level Data - Marine Insurance
Design and Development of Vehicle Insurance Status SMS System (VISSS)-Draft.
Addendum to Data Manuals.
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